Crunchy from outside and fluffy and syrupy inside, Balah El Sham is my new yummy treat to impress my loved ones. It is a special dessert to serve on family gatherings and special occasions. Let’s give this Balah El Sham a-go!

Balah El Sham is a relish golden fried dough pieces which means “Levant Dates”. There are numerous spelling variations, including Balah Al Sham, Balah Sham, Balah Ash-Sham. It is also known as Tulumba, a popular dessert in all Middle eastern countries.


First, add water, sugar, salt, and butter to a pot over medium heat, bring it to a boil and turn the heat off. Second, add flour and corn starch and keep stirring until all combined and it has formed a none sticky dough. Then, place the dough in a bowl and let it cool down for 20 minutes.

Now, add one egg at a time using an electric hand mixer and keep mixing until all are combined. After that, place the dough in a piping bag with a star tip.

Next, add oil to a large pan without turning the heat on. Start pipping about 2-inch long tulumba and cut them with scissors.

Once you have piped as many as they can fit in the pan, turn the heat on medium heat and let them fry slowly, turn them when you think they are golden.

keep frying them until they are golden brown, and you can fry them twice for the extra crunchiness.

take them out of the oil and add them to a bowl full of room temperature Simple Syrup.