If you've ever had Parmesan Bread Bites from Domino's or another pizza place, you know how addictive they are...  but these Copycat Domino's Parmesan Bread Bites are even better! Soft on the inside, buttery and golden brown on the outside, showered with parmesan cheese and parsley, and dipped in your favorite sauce, you don't want to miss out on these!

It's easy to make these simple parmesan bread bites at home! Made with a refrigerated pizza crust and then showered with parmesan cheese, fresh herbs, and garlic butter, you will be addicted to them!

DOMINO'S COPYCAT PARMESAN BREAD BITES INGREDIENTSDough: For the dough, you can use a refrigerated classic pizza crust or your homemade pizza dough. – Butter: You need some melted butter for brushing the bites.

DOMINO'S COPYCAT PARMESAN BREAD BITES INGREDIENTSGarlic: Fresh garlic adds a distinctive flavor to these cheesy bites. – Cheese: You need parmesan cheese for these bread bites. For the best flavor grated parmesan cheese at home.

DOMINO'S COPYCAT PARMESAN BREAD BITES INGREDIENTSHerbs: Fresh herbs like parsley and oregano are a great addition to these bread bites. However, if you don't have fresh herbs, you can use dried herbs. – Salt: You can use sea salt or kosher salt. – Marinara sauce: You will need marinara sauce for dipping.

HOW TO PREPARE THE GARLIC PARMESAN BREAD BITES: Next, Preheat the air fryer to 380 degrees F. Spray the air fryer basket with cooking spray. Then, unroll the pizza crust and place it on a flat surface. Cut it in half. Now, roll the pizza crust into a log. Then, using a pizza cutter or a sharp knife, cut it into 1-inch nuggets.

HOW TO PREPARE THE GARLIC PARMESAN BREAD BITES: After that, place the little nuggets in the air fryer basket and lightly brush each nugget with Parmesan butter (reserve half of the parmesan butter for later).e, cut it into 1-inch nuggets.

HOW TO PREPARE THE GARLIC PARMESAN BREAD BITES: Now, air fry for 6-7 minutes. Brush, using a pastry brush, with the rest of the parmesan butter and sprinkle with more parmesan cheese. Finally, serve these bite size pieces with marinara sauce or your favorite dipping sauce.