Having a sweet syrup that you can drizzle on top of your favorite dessert, fruit, or drink is ju! Attar (القطر، الشيرة) is a Middle Eastern simple sweet syrup. It is used in a wide variety of Middle Eastern desserts. It's sometimes poured or drizzled on the Middle Eastern desserts.

Simple syrup is used in Znoud el sit, Basbosa, kunafa, Halawet El Jibn, Lokma, tulumba, and many other desserts

Simple syrup is made of only 3 ingredients. However, you can add rose water or orange blossom water to the traditional Middle Eastern syrup. Also, add the whole cardamom to simple syrup. So, for now, let's talk more about super easy Atter and know how to make Attar together!

INGREDIENTS: – 2 cups granulated white sugar – 1 cup water (at room temperature) – 2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

INSTRUCTIONS: – This simple syrup requires no stirring, so don’t stir your sugar, but carefully pour your sugar in the middle of the pot, add water and lemon juice.

INSTRUCTIONS: Cook on high heat for 8 minutes only. Set the timer, otherwise, it can burn or get too thick

INSTRUCTIONS: – Remove from the heat immediately. You will notice the syrup will still be runny. But, it will get thicker as it cools down. –

INSTRUCTIONS: – After it has cooled, store it in a jar. You can keep simple syrup for up to 6 months.