If you’re on a Paleo diet or just looking from some new snacks to make, you’ve come to the right place! Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the amazing Whole30 Energy Balls, a.k.a, the Coconut Date Balls. There’s no better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than with delicious energy bites that are made from coconuts, dates, and pecans!

INGREDIENTS: To make the Coconut Balls, you will need the following ingredients: – Medjool dates – hemp seeds – pecans or walnuts – almonds – chia seeds – salt – cinnamon powder – shredded coconut

DIRECTIONS STEP 1: The first thing you want to do is to pit the Medjool dates. You will need to soak them in the warm water for around 10 minutes, to ensure that they are not hard at the end.

DIRECTIONS STEP 2: Now you must place the pitted dates, cinnamon powder, salt, hemp seeds, chia seeds, almonds and pecans in the food processor. You’ll need to blend this mixture until you see a thick dough. When that happens, you can stop the food processor and move on to the next step.

DIRECTIONS STEP 3: Scoop roughly 2 tablespoons of that mixture and then use it in your hand to roll a ball. Now you want to roll the date ball into the shredded coconut.

DIRECTIONS STEP 3: Do that until your Whole30 Energy Ball is covered in coconut. All you have to do is to repeat the process until you have 12 to 15 Whole30 Energy Balls.